Get to know Novi Sad

It is no accident that Garni Hotel Garden is located in Novi Sad. Even our name is an ode to the name of our city that truly represents a rich garden where love flourishes. We deeply believe that this city of history, slow pace, home to EXIT and tamburitza, a city that comes to admire nature and those who love urban panoramas, deserves to have as many guests as possible and to welcome these guests with the most comfortable and the homely accommodation.

We, as your hosts, would like to give you the best possible conditions to explore the most beautiful aspects of Novi Sad and fall in love with it the way its inhabitants do.

Therefore, when you leave your room at the Garni Hotel Garden, you will be provided with all the directions you need to familiarise yourself with our city.

But for starters, it is good to know what you can see and do in Novi Sad.

The city centre

Every tour of the city begins with an introduction to its greatest sights, and these are concentrated in Novi Sad at the Liberty Square. This plateau is dominated by the Monument to Svetozar Miletić, the youngest mayor in the history of Novi Sad and an influential politician from the second half of the 19th century. There is also the Town Hall, the magnificent Roman Catholic Parish of the Name of Mary, and the 18th-century Bishop’s Palace, which is a unique blend of architectural styles.

From the Main Square along the Danube Street full of shops, restaurants and passageways, you can slowly get to the Danube Park.


Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradin fortress is probably the most recognisable building in Novi Sad. This “Gibraltar on the Danube” was demilitarised at the beginning of the 20th century and is now a cultural monument, full of cafes, galleries and ateliers, as well as the Museum and Archives of Novi Sad.

The most famous landmark of the Petrovaradin Fort is the Clock Tower on the Basilica of St. Louis, also known as the Drunken Clock, because on it a small hand shows minutes and a large hours. Since 2000, the world-famous EXIT festival has been organised at Petrovaradin Fortress.

Recently, Suburbium, a settlement that has emerged parallel to the fortification and which is slowly becoming a new centre of cultural life in Novi Sad, has also come to life.

Danube rhapsody

Novi Sad has no sea, instead it has the Danube beach that can rival many European ones – the Štrand, which is a summer haven for swimmers and fishing lovers, and in winter it is home to a skating rink and various entertainment programmes.

There are also Bećarac and Oficirac, the wild beaches in Novi Sad on the Danube, where you can fish unhindered, and in order to give all of you who wish to relax in this way, Hotel Garden offers the possibility of renting fishing gear.

You can also enjoy wonderful restaurants on the Danube and visit the Fishermen's Island, a unique settlement containing numerous cottages and guesthouses.


Novi Sad is full of great shopping centres. In close proximity to the Garni Hotel Garden is the BIG Shopping Center, where you can find everything you need.

If you prefer to explore local produce shops and souvenir shops, allow yourself to get lost in an interesting network of shops connecting Zmaj Jovina and Danube streets.

The surroundings of Novi Sad

The urban side of Novi Sad is as beautiful as is its nature, especially in the surrounding areas.

By bicycle, you can explore the beautiful regions of Fruška Gora, a former island in the Pannonian Sea, with a long wine-growing tradition, as well as many historical sites of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which is also known as the Serbian Holy Mountain.

You can make a short trip to Sremska Kamenica as well as to Sremski Karlovci, where you can get acquainted with the preserved remains of Austro-Hungarian heritage. For our fellow guests we can arrange a tour of Kovilj, a village in the vicinity of Novi Sad.

A bicycle is a favorite means of transportation for Novi Sad residents, so we suggest you rent it at the Garden Hotel for yourself, and get to know Novi Sad and its surroundings on the go.